9th Annual Northeast Football Showcase

Saturday, April 28th - Cheshire High School

The Northeast Football Showcase event provides players with the ability to be evaluated by college coaches while at the same time being professionally filmed. This is an extensive skills and drills video showcase. We will have you execute all of the individual skills and some team skills. This is a great opportunity to have your individual skills video done and work-out in front of college coaches. Additionally, each college coach will receive your academic profile, athletic stats and contact info.

Showcase Mission & Objective
To provide a Top Level opportunity for high school football players in the Northeast to display their athletic skills and gain objective personal test scores in order to allow each player to further their academic and athletic careers. Players are also able to showcase their skills and talents in position-specific drills and 1-on-1's. Each year, 60 Plus Coaches from Division II, Division III, NAIA Colleges, Prep School and Scouting Services attended the Northeast Football Showcase. This is a great opportunity to have your individual skills video done and work-out in front of college coaches. Additionally, each college coach will receive your academic and athletic profile and contact info.

Sport Details

  • Registration (Check-IN)
    • 2:00 PM - 2:55 PM
  • Opening Statement & Introductions                      
    • 3:00 PM - 3:10 PM
  • NCAA Lecture                                                                       
    • 3:10 PM - 3:20 PM 
  • Stretch & Warm-up                                               
    • 3:20 PM - 3:35 PM  
  • Stations (22 Minutes Stations)                 
    • 3:35 PM - 5:40 PM  -   40 Yd Dash, Bench Press, Vertical Jump, Standing Jump, Pro-Agility Shuttle, 3-Cone Drill.
  • Positions (Offense)                                                   
    • 5:45 PM - 6:10 PM  -  Quarterbacks, Running Backs, Tight Ends, Receivers, O-Line.  
  • Positions (Defense)                                                   
    • 6:15 PM - 6:40 PM  -  D-Line,Linebackers (Inside), Linebackers (Outside), Defensive Backs
  • One on One's                                                                        
    • 6:45 PM - 7:20 PM
  • 7 vs. 7 and 4 vs. 5                                                      
    • 7:25 PM - 8:05 PM
  • Awards & Thank You                                                
    • 8:10 PM - 8:20 PM
  • Each participant will receive a 3 to 5 minute video (online) of their individual workout (all stations and positions)
  • Northeast Football Showcase T-shirt
  • Opportunity to showcase your skills in front of Division II and Division III college coaches
  • NCAA Information on Recruiting—Parents and athletes will learn about the recruiting process from the experts.

The Northeast Football Showcase is an extensive skills and drills video combine. We will have you execute all of the individual skills and some team skills. There will be no games just skills footage. This is a great opportunity to receive your individual skills video and work-out in front of college and prep school coaches.  


  • If you have not made PAYMENT yet please bring a check or cash with you the day of the Football Showcase made out to the CT Sports Management Group, Inc. 
  • Signed Waiver Form - Please click here to download! - All participants that registered online need to complete this form. Players that filled out a hardcopy form do not!
  • Cleats (molded) and Running Shoes. No pads will be needed.
  • The 40 yd dash will be held on the Football Field
  • Concessions will be available at Cheshire High School (Gatorade, Water and Snacks)

A tremendous attitude with the eagerness to perform at the maximum level!

  • Mike Ciotti - Showcase Director 
    • Don Drust Jr. (Cheshire High School)
    • Isiah Boddie (Cheshire High School)
    • Bernie Armstrong (Southwest Grizzlies)
    • John Ferrazzi (Sheehan High School)
    • Pat Miller (Sheehan High School)
    • Duane Maranda (Westerly High School)
    • David Jurewicz (Crosby High School)
    • Mike Drury (Southington High School)
    • Carlos Blanco (New Britain High School)
    • Jim Kern (Xavier High School)


To receive the Discount Coupon you must first contact our office at 860 788 7041 to provide the names of the 5 student-athletes and the school they attend. 

Registration Deadline - Friday, April 20th 

Questions please contact us:

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2017 Northeast Football Showcase Top Performers

  • 40 Yd Dash: 
    • 4.58 Seconds. #252. Christopher Woodard, Patterson HS (NJ).
  • 3 Cone Drill:
    • 7.01 Seconds. #45. EJ Dudley, Platt HS (CT)
  • Standing Broad Jump:
    • 10 ft - 2 inches. #252. Christopher Woodard, Patterson HS (NJ).
  • Bench Press:
    • 225 lbs x 19 Repetitions. #86 Jaryd Witkowski. Shelton HS (CT)
  • Vertical Jump (TIE):
    • 36 inches: #110 Joseph Deptulae. Watertown HS (CT)
  • Vertical Jump (TIE):
    • 36 inches. #252. Christopher Woodard, Patterson HS (NJ).
  • Pro Agility Shuttle.
    • 4.21 Seconds. Zachary Pollicino. Smithtown West High School (NY).

2016 Northeast Football Showcase Top Performers

  • Bench Press
    • #150 George Constantine: 225 lbs x 19 Repititions
  • 3 Cone Drill
    • #114 Anthony Schiavo: 6.84 Seconds
  • Standing Broad Jump
    • #235 Olajuwon McLeod: 9 Feet, 9 Inches
  • Vertical Jump
    • #216 Matthew Sapers: 3 Feet, 1 Inch
  • Pro Agility Shuttle
    • #53 Ben Fulse III: 4.31 Seconds
  • 40 Yard Dash
    • #225 Umari Taylor: 4.65 Seconds 
    • #239 Jakkarious Cole: 4.65 Seconds

2015 Northeast Football Showcase Top Performers

  • 3 Cone Drill
    • Kevin Robinson (Shelton HS): 6.69 sceonds 
  • Pro Agility Shuttle:
    • Kevin Robinson (Shelton HS): 4.3 seconds 
  • 40 Yard Dash:
    • Kevin Robinson (Shelton HS): 4.65 seconds
  • Bench Press:
    • David Bednarz (SW Grizzlies): 225 lbs x 15 Reps
    • Aaron Young (SW Grizzlies): 225 lbs x 15 Reps
  • Standing Jump:
    • Shelby Franklin (North Branfrod HS): 9 feet 6 inches
  • Vertical Jump:
    • Andrew Blackmore (Avon HS): 35 inches

2014 Northeast Football Showcase Top Performers

  • Pro Agility Shuttle:
    • Jose Arriaga (SW Grizzlies) - 4.14 seconds

  • 40 Yard Dash:
    • Juwan Hall (Holy Cross HS) - 4.54 seconds
  • Bench Press:
    • Jeremie Boyce (New Britain HS) - 225 lbs x 20 reps 
    • Teddy Allmendinger (Avon HS) - 225 lbs x 18 reps
    • Justin Cheverier (Valley Regional HS) - 225 x 18 reps
  • Standing Jump:
    • Geoffrey Kirk (Avon HS) - 9' 11"
  • Vertical Jump:
    • Andrew Blackmore (Avon HS) - 31.5" 

2013 Northeast Football Showcase Top Performers

  • Pro Agility Shuttle: Devante Teel - 4.1 seconds
  • 40 Yard Dash: Jose Garcia - 4.72 seconds
  • Bench Press: Nathan Hollie - 225 lbs x 18 reps
  • Standing Jump: Vernon McAlmont - 10' 4"
  • Vertical Jump (Tie):
    • Devante Tee - 10' 6 1/2"
    • Marc Desruisseaux - 10' 6 1/2"

2012 Northeast Football Showcase Top Performers

  •  Nathan Cruz #76 Bench Press - 225 lbs x 21 Reps
  •  Jeffrey Grygeil #67 40 Yard Dash - 4.76 seconds
  •  Daquan Clark #11 Pro Agility Shuttle - 4.16 seconds
  •  Jeffrey Charles #102 Vertical Jump - 11'1" (Highest Jump)
  •  Isiah Grooms #68 Vertical Jump - 3' (Greatest Distance)
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