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Athlete of the Year

The ShopRite Nutmeg State Games Athlete of the Year Program

All across the nation in State Games from Maine to California, amateur athletes of all ages and skill levels compete to bring home the gold.  Every year, a few rise to the top, excelling in their events, overcoming great hardships, displaying tremendous sportsmanship, athleticism and determination.  Each state has the opportunity to honor a male and female stand-out athlete with the distinction of Athlete of the Year.

The Nutmeg State Games Athlete of the Year Committee will receive Athlete of the Year Nominations from Coaches and Parents until October 31st. After the Nutmeg State Games have ended and all nominations have been submitted, the Athlete of the Year Committee will determine a Male and Female Athlete of the Year.

These state winners, who personify the ideals of the State Games movement; participation and achievement, sportsmanship, good attitude and effort and special attributes within the sport/community will then have their nominations sent to be considered by the National Congress of State Games (NCSG) for the National Athlete of the Year Award.  The male and female who best exemplify these qualities will have the opportunity to be the guest of the NCSG and travel to the NCSG symposium where they will be awarded this distinction.

Please Click Here to Download the Nutmeg State Games Athlete of the Year Nomination Form.

Please provide us with as much information as possible about the nominee. Please send to the following address:

Nutmeg State Games
Attn: Athlete of the Year Committee
975 Middle Streeet, Unit G
Middletown, CT 06457

Many years have come and gone with the Nutmeg State Games but one thing has remained the same, it's mission statement.

  • To recognize and reward Connecticut residents, of all ages, who have chosen to participate in healthy, wholesome activities that reflect positively on them, their families and respective communities.      
  • To promote and reinforce the Olympic spirit of Competition that values sportsmanship, effort and achievement. 
  • To motivate personal development in physical fitness and health through attainable goals.
  • To provide a forum that initiates and encourages camaraderie between different ages, socioeconomic and cultural groups through athletic competition and fair play.


    • Few events in Connecticut embody the spirit and values of amateur athletics like the Nutmeg State Games. Team sports are configured regionally in an attempt to eradicate town rivalries and promote collaborations among participants. Inner city and suburban participants are merged together and opponents become teammates and friends.
    • Poor sportsmanship in youth sports jeopardizes the core values and benefits of amateur athletics. The “Games” strives to eliminate improper actions of athletes, coaches and parents by emphasizing sportsmanship in all events through a program that recognizes and rewards positive behavior.
    • While the “Games” are similar in nature to other events that provide valuable exposure to college coaches, a unique feature is the significantly lower cost for the participants. The average Entry Fee is $31.00 per participant and has only increased by $11.00 in 29 years.
    • The “Games” have remained viable for twenty-four years in good and bad economic times due to strong leadership from its Board of Directors, an experienced and dedicated staff and carefully developed relationships with athletes, facilities, athletic administrators and officials across Connecticut.
    • Each year 1,000 volunteers come together to help unite Connecticut through amateur athletics. Volunteers range from coaches, referees, officials, sport coordinators, interns, and medical staff members. Our substantial volunteer support from numerous organizations allows more funds to be spent on the athletes.


  • Charles L Dennis  - Swim Meet Director -  Former Head Swim Coach, United States Coast Guard Academy.
    "As a  physical education teacher and former collegiate coach I have many times heard the expression “its not what effect that the youngster has on the ball but what effect the ball has on the youngster.”  It is my impression over the years that the Nutmeg State Games has a very positive effect on the thousands of participants each year. I am proud to have been part of the program. 
  • Kevin Nathan, Sports Anchor, WVIT NBC 30
    “The Nutmeg State Games mean so much too so many people in Connecticut.  It’s given thousands of kids a chance to compete and have fun—what sports should be all about.”
  • Jaye Stuart - Field Hockey Coach (West Region) - Connecticut Revolution Field Hockey Club.
    "The Nutmeg State Games offer the opportunity for young and old to come together as a community to compete, renew acquaintances and witness inspiring players and competitors from all aspects of life! As a high school and club coach in Connecticut, it's exciting to see the fieriest of competitors playing alongside their rivals, as teammates.  It opens the door for new levels of respect as well as a better perspective of the role of athletics in life."
  • Michael Church - Baseball Coach (North Region) - New England Knights Baseball Program.
    "It's an honor for our players to have the opportunity to compete in the "Games" every year representing their families and community through sport.  Everything about the Nutmeg State Games is first-class."
  • John McCormick - Lacrosse & Ice Hockey Coach (West Region) - Avon.
    "Avon has participated the last 3 years in both Lacrosse and Hockey in the Nutmeg State Games. We have appreciated the spirit of "competitive" play but the constant reminder of good sportsmanship from the CSMG administration has made it very rewarding for all participants."
  • Mike Jones - Basketball Coach (North Region) - CT Heat Girls Basketball Program
    "Since the Nutmeg State Games have come back to New Britain our organization has participated in the basketball tournament each year. The Nutmeg State Games have been a great event for us to end our Summer basketball season. The Nutmeg State Games have also been great for the city of New Britain, this is one of the best run events we participate in each year."
  • Jay Creel, Founder & Director FireAnts Youth Hockey Program.
    “My inline hockey program has spent the last 10 years working with the Nutmeg State Games and have found that participation in the Nutmeg State Games tournament has not only been rewarding but it has proven to be a great learning experience for many of our young athletes.  Through the tremendous efforts of the Nutmeg State Games organizers, they have fostered an environment of fair and level competition.  Each year when our program is putting the new season together, we begin with circling the dates for the Nutmeg Games.  Pride is measured in many ways and our experience has shown that taking home the coveted Nutmeg State Games GOLD MEDAL ranks at the top of the list of accomplishments.”
  • Jim Welton, Girls Basketball Coach (West Region) - Southbury.
    “To me the Nutmeg State Games represents all that is good in youth sports.  Unlike AAU, the cost is extremely low so anyone can play. It also, often brings kids together who may not typically play together as they band together to represent their region of the state.   While being extremely well organized, the Nutmeg State Games at the same time are not bogged down by a ton of rules and regulations – they are constantly trying to find ways for inclusion, not ways to keep people out.  The kids that I have coached still remember all of the great teams, venues and games that they played, win or lose with great fondness”.
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