2021 WIFFLE® Ball Tournament - CANCELLED

  • Tournament Date: 
    • Cancelled for 2021 
  • Tournament Location:
    • Beehive Stadium, New Britain, CT
  • Tournament Directors:
    • Nick Benas & Jared Verrillo
  • Entry Fee:
    • $100 per Team 
  • Format: 
    • Minimum Guarantee of 3 Games 
    • Open to all ages. | Prizes furnished by participating sponsors.
    • A variation on baseball. 2 to 3 player teams required.

Sport Details

2021 Committed Team Listing 

  • Lambda Lambda Lambda,
  • 2-5 Players Per Team
    • Maximum of 3 in the field, teams may bat up to 5 player
  • Five Inning Games in Preliminary Rounds, Six Inning Championship Game
  • Three Outs Per Inning Per Team
  • No Base Running
  • Five Balls = Walk. Hit batters do not take a base.
  • Two Strikes = Strikeout
  • Unlimited Foul Balls
  • The Pitchers Mound is 44ft from the Strike Zone. The Strike Zone is 21″ by 28″ and sits 15″ above the ground. Any pitch that hits the zone constitutes a strike.
  • The Speed Limit is strictly enforced at 35 mph. There are no warnings.
  • If your team is found to be exceeding 35 mph (speeds will be checked randomly throughout the day, and upon request), it will result in an automatic walk of the current batter, regardless of the count. If your team is caught for a second time, it will result in an automatic run for the opposing team.
  • Ten Run Mercy Rule is in effect after 3 full innings of play.
  • Balls landing on or past single marker = Single
  • Balls landing on or past double marker= Double
  • Balls hitting the fence in the air = Triple
  • Balls landing over fence in air = Home run
  • Batting order must stay the same throughout the game
  • Extra Innings start with runners on first and second base.
  • Ground balls fielded before the singles line = out. Ground balls may be bobbled. If the ball hits the ground = single.
  • Fielders are allowed one step forward from the singles line to play a ground ball.
  • Bracket play will establish which teams advance to Tournament Play
  • Tournament Play will be single elimination
  • Double Plays –A double play may be attempted at any time, regardless if there are runners on base. Any fielded ball (ground ball or pop fly) can be thrown to the strike zone. If the throw hits the strike part of the zone in the air = 2 outs. No runners are removed from the bases.
  • Official WIFFLE® balls, eight perforations
  • Balls may be scuffed to pitcher’s preference, using provided sandpaper. (cracks or gashes are illegal > 1/8 inch)
  • Only official yellow WIFFLE® bats may be used
  • Taping of handles only

To be considered for the Nutmeg State Games a team must submit a team entry packet that consists of the following:

  1. A properly completed Team Roster.

  2. A properly completed Coach / Captains Form.

  3. Proof of age (copy of drivers license, birth certificate, passport or players passes) for each athlete.

  4. ONE CHECK covering the entire team entry fee for the appropriate sport, sent to:

    1. CT Sports Management Group, Inc.
      975 Middle St. Unit G
      Middletown, CT 06457

July 24th, 2010, New Britain, CT 

  • Gold Medalists        Pink Flamingos (Blue Razrs)
  • Silver Medalists      Absolute Gunners
  • Bronze Medalists    Lou's Diamonds

August 1st, 2009, Danbury, CT

  • Gold Medalists            Absolute Gunners
  • Silver Medalists           Blue Razrs
  • Bronze Medalists         Goodfellas

August 2nd, 2008, Danbury, CT

  • Gold Medalists              Doom
  • Silver Medalists            Absolute Gunners
  • Bronze Medalists          Blue Razrs

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