2021 Shooting Competition 

Join us for the 32nd Annual ShopRite Nutmeg State Games Shooting Competition scheduled for May 21, 22 & 23rd at Blue Trail Range in Wallingford. 

Registration is NOW Closed. Deadline - Fri., May 14th. 

Onsite Registration may be unavailable due to range capacity. We strongly encourage all interested participants to Pre-Register.

The Schedule for the 2021 Shooting Competition is as follows:

  • Fri., May 21:
    • Air Rifle (60 shots/males ~ 40 shots/females; rifles available for use). 
    • Email Deb Lyman at deb@BlueTrailRange.com for relay time. Fired in the Air Rifle Range. Additional relays can be squadded if required.
  • Sat., May 22:
    • 8AM - Nutmeg State Games Smallbore Rifle Registration. No later please!
    • 9AM - Nutmeg State Games Smallbore Rifle Prone Match
    • 20 shots prone at 50 yards, 50 meters, 100 yards (600 Prone)
    • Seniors can fire scope—50 years or older—as of 12/31/21.
  • Sun., May 23:
    • 8AM - Nutmeg State Games Smallbore Rifle 3-Position Match. No later please!
    • 9AM - 40 shots prone, standing, and kneeling at 50 yards. Metallic Sights. A23/5 Target.
    • Senior Category can fire scope—50 years or older—as of 12/31/21.

​​AWARDS:  An awards ceremony will be held at the completion of the match—(not to last longer than 15/20 minutes)—please wear t-shirt for ceremony!  Gold – Silver – Bronze Medallions are awarded in each of the events based on the total number of competitors in each region and in each age category.  Males and females compete in their own class. 

Sport Details

Dear Participant,

The CT Sports Management Group, Inc. welcomes you to the 2021 Nutmeg State Games Shooting competition.  Events will take place on Friday, May 21 (Air Rifle), Saturday, May 22 (Prone) and Sunday, May 23 (3Position) at Blue Trail Range, 316 N Branford Road, Wallingford, CT, 06492.

This event will be complying with all range regulations and any additional public health notices in place at the time of the event as directed by Governor Lamont. 

Below is our health and safety plan for the event with specific instructions for athletes, officials and spectators. 

General Guidelines

  • It is required that athletes wear a face coverings when not competing.
    • Due to safety concerns for potential injury, athletes may remove their face covering while actively competing in their events.
    • Immediately upon conclusion of actively competing, it is required that athlete puts their face covering back on.
  • Two (2) spectators per participant will be permitted into the event.  No additional spectators will be allowed at the event.
  • Social distancing of at least six feet must be maintained at all times. No hugging, shaking hands, or fist bumps for support/encouragement.
  • Anyone that is not feeling well, suffers from chronic or immunocompromised conditions or has experienced any COVID-19 symptoms (coughing, shortness of breath, fever, etc.) in the past ten days should not attend the event.
  • Anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 within the last fourteen days must produce written clearance to participate from a physician that confirms a COVID-19 negative status. 

Specific Range Guidelines

  • All participants must have an EBI*1 and present at registration desk.
  • All events will be run within the guidelines of “EBI*1 in; Face Mask On” and “EBI*1 out, Face Mask Off”.  This safety protocol will ensure that mask straps will not impede the safe operation of sports equipment. 

We look forward to a fun and safe event!


  • Through December 31st of the calendar year in which his/her 14th birthday occurs.


  • From Jan. 1st of the calendar year in which his/her 15th birthday occurs through Dec. 31st of the calendar year in which his/her 17th birthday occurs.


  • Through Dec. 31st of the calendar year in which his/her 20th birthday occurs.


  • From Jan. 1st of the calendar year in which his/her 21st birthday occurs through Dec. 31st of the calendar year in which his/her 40th birthday occurs.


  • From Jan. 1st of the calendar year in which his/her 41st birthday occurs through Dec. 31st of the calendar year in which his/her 55th birthday occurs.


  • From Jan. 1st of the calendar year in which his/her 56th birthday occurs.

Competition Rules National Rifle Association

  • Small Bore (metallic sights only) except for Senior Category (Seniors may shoot with scopes).

NRA rules govern the Smallbore shooting events.  Metallic sights.  Seniors can use scope (50 years or older—as of 12/31/14).  New shooters can be placed in “tyro” category for smallbore rifle for own awards and can be coached.  NRA International rules will govern air gun events (with the exception of the clothing requirement).  

Athlete Code of Conduct

  • No alcoholic beverages or illegal substances are permitted in the possession of athletes.
  • Behavior on and off the competition field by any person’s associated with the "Games" must follow the highest standards.
  • Use of foul or abusive language constitutes a violation of the Code of Conduct.
  • All athletes must respect the decisions of the officials and umpires during and after competitions.  Any harassment will constitute a violation of the Code of Conduct.
  • Unruly behavior by spectators towards players, coaches, volunteers, and/or officials will not be tolerated.  Such behavior may result in the dismissal of the offending spectator from the competition site.
  • Any participant’s behavior deemed in violation of the Code of Conduct, as decided by the Nutmeg State Games administrative staff, subjects the competitor to expulsion from the "Games".

Competitive Qualification through NRA Approved and Registered Matches.You have the option to either Register ONLINE or by HARDCOPY - You do not have to do both! 

If you do not reside in Connecticut and your state games program does not offer shooting you are eligible to compete in another state such as the Nutmeg State Games.

For more information please contact Patrick Fisher via phone: (860) 788 7041 or email: nutmeg@csmg.org

The Nutmeg State Games administration works closely with all Connecticut media outlets regarding any interesting stories about athletes and teams that will be participating in the "Games". If you have an interesting story to tell, we are all ears!

Human interests stories typically address situations "off-the-court". Do you volunteer in the community? Are you great at something other than the sport you are playing? Are you following in the steps of a a sibling or parent? Of course, if you are doing something great on the court please provide us with all the details.

If you, your team or someone you know fits any of these questions, please pass along this information or feel free to contact our office, and we would be happy to coordinate coverage on their behalf. - Please send all info to info@nutmegstategames.org.

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