2024 Soccer Tournaments 

  • Girls Soccer Tournament:
    •  July 18th - July 21st
    • U11, U12 (9.vs.9), U14, U16, U18 (11.vs.11)
    • Weekday Game Times: 5:00pm - 10:00pm. Weekend Game Times: 9:00am - 9:00pm
    • Various sites in Middletown, CT
  • Boys Soccer Tournament:
    •  July 25th - July 28th
    • U11, U12 (9.vs.9), U14, U16, U18 (11.vs.11)
    • Weekday Game Times: 5:00pm - 10:00pm. Weekend Game Times: 9:00am - 9:00pm
    • Various sites in Middletown, CT

What your Team Receives:
- A Minimum Guarantee of Three (3) Games
- T-Shirts for all Athletes on the Roster
- All Officials Fees & Medals for the Top Three Teams

Registration Instructions - How to Reserve Your Team's Spot 

  • Register Your Team Online at GotSoccer.com 
    • Your Team's spot cannot be guaranteed until payment is made. 
      • Payment Options:
        • Pay online when you register your team 
        • Check: Please send a check made out to the CT Sports Management Group, Inc. to:
          • 975 Middle St. Unit G. Middletown, CT 06457 
        • Call our office to make payment arrangements: (860) 788 7041
  • Once your Team has registered online the following paperwork is required:
    • Team Roster Form
    • Athlete Waiver Form for each player on the roster
    • Proof of Age for each player on the roster

Sport Details

Girls Soccer Tournament - July 19th - July 21st

  • U11 (Youth - 9vs9):
    • TBA
  • U12 (Junior - 9vs9):
    • TBA
  • U14 (Intermediate):
    • TBA
  • U16 (Scholastic):
    • TBA
  • U18 (Futures):
    • TBA

Boys Soccer Tournament - July 25th - July 28th

  • U11 (Youth - 9vs9):
    • TBA
  • U12 (Junior - 9vs9):
    • TBA
  • U14 (Intermediate):
    • TBA
  • U16 (Scholastic):
    •  TBA
  • U18 (Futures):
    • TBA
Age                      Division                 Roster Max.            Age Cut Off Date / Year of Birth
U11 (9vs9) Youth 16 2013  
U12 (9vs9) Junior 16 2012
U14 Intermediate 22 2010  
U16 Scholastic 22 2008  
U18 Futures 22 2006  


The Nutmeg State Games cooperates with the United States Olympic Committee, Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference and National Collegiate Athletic Association. All athletes must abide by the rules of their association, which may include restrictions on the number of athletes from the same school, or team that enter the Nutmeg State Games. All athletes should realize that each is responsible to make certain he/she is not in violation of existing rules and regulations. All athletes must be amateurs as defined by the Nutmeg State Games and/or a National Governing Body rules for their particular sport.


C.I.A.C. Member school coaches may only coach or instruct member school athletes in the sport they coach during the school year according to the following parameters:

Girls Team Sports:
Out of Season



Boys Team Sports :
Out of Season







Field Hockey













Ice Hockey












In addition, C.I.A.C. coaches may not coach more than One (1) team in non-school out-of-season tournaments/camps/clinics unless the total number of athletes does not exceed the aforementioned minimum on the chart provided.

All Team must register through GotSoccer.com for the Nutmeg State Games Girls and Boys Tournaments. 

  • Registration & Payment Deadline - Friday, June 28th
  • Roster Deadline - Sunday, July 7th
  • Questions: nutmeg@csmg.org
  • Girls Soccer Tournament Registration - CLOSED

  • Boys Soccer Tournament Registration - CLOSED

  • U11 Youth (9v9)  & U12 Junior- (9 vs. 9)
    • Heading will NOT be allowed for the Youth (11&U Division)
  • Intermediate, Scholastic & Futures - (11 vs. 11) FIFA Rules

Either team may substitute at any stoppage of play with the notification and approval of the referee.

In the event of inclement weather, the Nutmeg State Games Administration reserves the right to modify the schedule and all tournament rules in order to safely and fairly end the tournament successfully.

Roster Check-Ins:

  • Prior to the first game of the tournament each team will be required to have their roster checked by the site director at that location.
  • Roster checks will be done at the same time of equipment checks with the game official present.
  • We ask each team to be at their field 15 minutes prior to the schedule start time of their game so that we may get through rosters efficiently without delaying the any games.
  • Each team must have each participant playing in the tournament with the proper proof of age available.
  • We ask that each team send in their proof of age prior to the start of the tournament. Coaches will need to have a copy of their complete roster and proof of age for all players with them for all games.
  • Players that arrive late to the tournament must be checked off by the site director prior to them entering the game.
  • If medal round games are a separate day than the first day of play roster checks will be completed prior to a team’s first medal round game.
  • Players must be listed on the official team roster prior to their first game to be eligible to play.  Players cannot be added to a teams roster after the team has played their first game.
  • Players cannot be on multiple rosters in the same tournament.

Game format will be:

  •  11 & Under 8 v8 and 12 & Under - 9 v 9 with two 30 minute halves in preliminary and medal rounds

  •   14 & Under, 16 & Under and 18 & Under - two 35 minute halves in preliminary and medal rounds.

IMPORTANT: NO-OVER TIME GAMES will be played in the preliminary rounds!  Preliminary round games will end in a tie. Over-time format will apply to medal round games ONLY. One ten minute over-time will be played to completion. If the game is still tied, penalty kicks will be taken to determine a winner.

All coaches are responsible for assuring that all players are properly equipped.

  •  Teams will be allowed a maximum of 22 players, two coaches and one scorekeeper for credentials and awards.

  •   Teams are to provide their own practice and game balls.

  •    Any player or coach ejected from a game (RED CARD) may not participate in the team’s next game.

Two-Team Ties: In the event of a two-way tie in the standings, the following tiebreaker system will be used (in-order) until the tie is broken

  1. Head to Head record
  2. Total Points
    1. 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss
  3. Goals allowed
  4. Goals scored
  5. Coin toss

Ties Involving Three or More Teams:
In the event of a tie amongst three or more teams, the tie breaking system (above) will be used (in-order) until the highest seeded team is determined. Once the highest seed is determined, the remaining tied teams will RESTART from the BEGINNING of the tie breaking system.

All teams are required to provide an official score keeper as part of their roster. We strongly recommend that the score keeper be an adult and must be present at each contest. The home team's (which will be determined by a coin toss before each game) score keeper will be the official score keeper for that game with the visiting team also keeping score as a secondary or back up score book. The official score keeper will sit with the administration and volunteers at the scorer’s table or tent during the contest. The score keeper is now part of your roster and will be treated as a member of your team.

Forfeiture Policy
Due to the fact that all competition brackets are ROUND ROBIN formats, a team may not intentionally forfeit a contest; even though the game may have no consequence on the seeding of the tournament at the conclusion of round robin play.  Any team intentionally forfeiting a contest will be disqualified from further competition and the remaining teams will be re-seeded.
Athlete Code of Conduct
  • No alcoholic beverages or illegal substances are permitted in the possession of athletes.
  • Behavior on and off the competition field by any person’s associated with the "Games" must follow the highest standards.
  • Use of foul or abusive language constitutes a violation of the Code of Conduct.
  • All athletes must respect the decisions of the officials and umpires during and after competitions.  Any harassment will constitute a violation of the Code of Conduct.
  • Unruly behavior by spectators towards players, coaches, volunteers, and/or officials will not be tolerated.  Such behavior may result in the dismissal of the offending spectator from the competition site.
  • Any participant’s behavior deemed in violation of the Code of Conduct, as decided by the Nutmeg State Games administrative staff, subjects the competitor to expulsion from the "Games".

Hartford HealthCare Rehabilitation Network (HHCRN) is the official medical partner for the Nutmeg State Games & CT Masters Games. HHCRN professional medical staff will be onsite at our various sport venues to provide exceptionally medical care for our participants. 
Hartford HealthCare Rehabilitation Network strives to be the premier rehabilitation provider in Connecticut; the company known for its commitment to high quality, customer-focused outcomes; the place where people want to work. Our goal is to create a seamless continuum of prevention and rehabilitation care, and to assist individuals with temporary or permanent impairments or disabilities in achieving their goals for maximum functional independence.
We are dedicated to organizing the prevention, rehabilitation and sports medicine resources in the community into a financially responsible integrated delivery system and, in doing so, establish Hartford HealthCare Rehabilitation Network as the regional network of excellence for the provision of prevention, rehabilitation and sports medicine.

Hydration is crucial to good overall health and athletic performance. Dehydration affects their performance and also puts them at risk for fatigue, nausea, heat cramps or, worse, heat stroke.

Adequate daily intake of water from beverages and food each is 125 ounces for men and 91 ounces for women, according to the Institute of Medicine. That’s considerably more than the standard recommendation of eight 8-ounce  glasses a day. To reach the higher standard, drink water gradually throughout the day. These recommendations do not consider athletic activity and increased temperature. So if you are participating in athletic activity or in a warm climate, or both, more water intake may be needed.

One of the easiest ways your athlete can gauge hydration is checking urine color. Pale or colorless urine usually indicates ample hydration. Light to bright yellow urine means more fluid intake is necessary. Dehydration is something that can be prevented easily as long as it is made a priority.

For more information about how to stay healthy and in the game, please visit Hartford HealthCare Sports Health at www.mysportshealth.org


Concussions are not easy to predict or prevent. It’s important to understand the symptoms. Concussions are difficult injuries because symptoms are not always apparent at the time of the injury. Concussions are caused by a direct blow to the head, or a blow to the body that causes a rapid deceleration of the head (whiplash affect).

If you witness or suspect this type of injury, the athlete should be held out of activity and evaluated by a medical professional. As a reminder, an athlete does not have to lose consciousness to sustain a concussion. Once evaluated by a medical professional and given care instructions, the athlete should be monitored closely by a responsible adult for at least 24 hours after the injury. Symptoms include loss of consciousness, slurred speech, repeated vomiting, unequal pupils, weakness or numbness in arms or legs, decreased responsiveness and convulsions or seizures.

For more information about how to stay healthy and in the game, please visit Hartford HealthCare Sports Health at www.mysportshealth.org

Parisi Speed School (Bristol & Enfield) is the Official Training Partner of the Nutmeg State Games!

With over 75 locations nationwide, the Parisi Speed School is recognized as the country's premiere athletic performance enhancement organization for youth athletics. Using techniques that have produced over 190 NFL draft picks, our specially trained performance coaches deliver a positive training experience that improves speed of movement and strength in character regardless of ability or economic status.

Whether training individual athletes or entire teams, athletes see clear results in performance and self-confidence from our programs. Call us today for more information and a free introductory class.

Parisi Bristol
842 Clark Avenue
Bristol, CT 06010
Business Number:  860-314-0122

Parisi Enfield
3 Weymouth Rd.
Enfield, CT 06082
Business Number:  (860) 745-2408

The Nutmeg State Games administration works closely with all Connecticut media outlets regarding any interesting stories about athletes and teams that will be participating in the "Games". If you have an interesting story to tell, we are all ears!

Human interests stories typically address situations "off-the-court". Do you volunteer in the community? Are you great at something other than the sport you are playing? Are you following in the steps of a a sibling or parent? Of course, if you are doing something great on the court please provide us with all the details.

If you, your team or someone you know fits any of these questions, please pass along this information or feel free to contact our office, and we would be happy to coordinate coverage on their behalf. - Please send all info to info@nutmegstategames.org.

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