What does it take to host an event like the Nutmeg State Games, Connecticut's largest Sports Festival? It takes, of course, the VOLUNTEER! The volunteer is the cornerstone to the success of the Nutmeg State Games.The Nutmeg State Games would not be able to operate efficiently without the services of hundreds of volunteers that have loyally served since the inception of the "Games" in 1989.  Every year, the Nutmeg State Games needs the assistance of volunteers to help run our events.  Volunteers range from: Game Administrators, Registration Guides, Scorers, Timers, and Awards Assistants. 

Volunteers can pick the area and sport they would like to be involved with. Volunteers will leave with the satisfaction of knowing they were an integral part of making the Nutmeg State Games a success!

QUESTIONS - please contact us: nutmeg@csmg.org

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