Dominic Perno Jr. - Donald "Dee" Rowe Award

Dominic Perno Jr.

In 2015, the Connecticut Sports Management Group, Inc. established an award for a most deserving group, our Board of Directors. 

Presented to a member of the Board of Directors of the Connecticut Sports Management Group, Inc. who, over an extended period of time,has made substantial and significant donations of personal time, effort and resources to help further the goals and objectives of the organization which are: To “Recognize and Reward Good Kids Making Good Choices” and to promote Health and Wellness among masters and senior athletes

Dominic Perno Jr. 

Director of Sales Northeast Region - PMA Management Corp

  • Member Nutmeg State Games Board of Directors for 16 years!
    • 2008 - Present
  • Secretary of the Board of Directors
  • Chairman of the Golf Committee

Dominic Perno Jr. has been an active member since joining the Board in 2008. In 2010 he became the Vice Chair of the Golf Committee, and moved up the ranks to become Chair in 2012. Since that time he has helped to grow the event to require a Co-Chair. Since 2019 he has served as an officer of the Executive Board. In addition to time he’s put into the “Games”, he has been a consistent sponsor through PMA companies, and has been involved in every fundraiser since his time of joining the board. His support also includes years of donating prizes and gifts for the participants in our events. In total, the value of his contributions has exceeded over $250,000 in support of our events since he joined our Board of Directors.

Dominic Perno Jr.’s contributions and efforts on our behalf are sincerely appreciated by every Staff Member, Board Member, Athlete, Coach and Parent that has ever been involved in the games. We are most honored and proud to award Dominic Perno Jr. with this year’s Donald “Dee” Award.

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