How to Enter

There are two ways of entering into the Nutmeg State Games, as a Team or as an Individual

Coaches and Individual Sport Athletes who choose to mail forms, rosters and fees may do so to the following NEW address:
Connecticut Sports Management Group, Inc.
975 Middle Street, Unti G. Middletown, CT 06457     

Phone: (860) 788 7041       Fax: (860) 894 2654        

Enter a Team:

Need to find out what REGION your from? Please click here.

To be considered for competition of the Nutmeg State Games a team must submit a Team Entry Packet which includes the following:

1. A properly completed Team Roster               2. A properly completed Coaches Form

3. A properly completed Team Sport Athlete Entry Form for EACH PLAYER ON THE ROSTER

  • Proof of age (a COPY of one of the following: Driver’s license, Birth Certificate or Passport)

    1. Proof of Age is required for the following Team Sports: Baseball, Basketball, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Roller Hockey & Soccer 

    2. Ice Hockey requires USA Hockey Confirmation #'s for players & coaches 

  • ONE CHECK covering the entire team entry for the approiate sport

ONLINE Registration - Please enter the TEAM (Coach) and Make Payment FIRST. Then you can ENTER your Team's Roster. Please click on the appropiate Sport Registration Link below:

  • Baseball Tournament Online Registration
  • Basketball (BOYS) Tournament Online Registration 
  • Basketball (GIRLS) Tournament Online Registration 
  • Basketball Coaches Clinic Online Registration
  • Fast Pitch Softball Online Registration 12U/14U - Registration is Sold Out for 2019
  • Fast Pitch Softball Online Registration 16U/18U - Registration is Sold Out for 2019
  • Field Hockey Tournament Online Registration 
  • Football Showcase Online Registration - Registration is Now Closed for 2019
  • Football Showcase Online Registration - COLLEGE COACH
  • Holiday Basketball Tournament Online Registration
  • Ice Hockey Boys Tournament Online Registration 
  • Lacrosse Boys Tournament Online Regisatration 
  • Lacrosse Girls Tournament Online Registration 
  • Roller Hockey Tournament Online Registration 
  • Girls Soccer Tournament Online Registration - 
  • Boys Soccer Tournament Online Registration -
  • Weight Lifting Competition Online Registration - Registration is Closed for 2019
  • Please Note: You will need to know the Team ID# and the Email Address of the Head Coach

Enter an Individual:

Need to find out what REGION your from? Please Click Here.

  1.      Individual Sport Athlete Entry Form

  2.     One check covering appropriate Individual Sport Fee

  3.     Proof of age (a COPY of one of the following: Driver’s license, Birth Certificate or Passport).

The Nutmeg State Games Administration will notify a participant of his or her status by a confirmation email once the Registration goes through. Participants will be selected on a first come, first served basis. Participants not selected because of receipt after the registration deadline or other specified date (please see appropriate sport for registration deadline dates) will receive a full refund as soon as verification is possible.

  • Archery Tournament Online Registration 
  • Cycling Criterium Online Registration -
  • Fencing Tournament Online Registration -
  • Figure Skating Competition Online Registration -
  • Golf Tournament Online Registration 
  • Gymnastics Meet Online Registration 
  • Judo Tournament Online Registration 
  • Pickleball Tournament Online Registration -
  • Shooting Competition Online Registration
  • Youth Swim Meet Online Registration 
  • Track & Field Meet Online Registration 
  • Wrestling Meet Online Registration 
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